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One neat way of earning money is by writing greeting card verse! There are different types ranging from serious to humorous. Why not have a ball while working? One way is to submit funny greeting card verse to Oatmeal Studios!

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Oatmeal Studios accepts verse for just about any occasion. Although greeting cards mainly, you may also submit verse for note pads.

Although humorous, cards should be written in good taste. Nothing vulgar.

The greeting cards are made in the United States, however, why not submit from wherever you are? Personally, I submit to Hubgarden.com which is Australian-based, yet live in the United States.

Greeting cards are a tough market, but you just might be the talent they are looking for!

Do you have spare moments during the day when you may jot a few down?

Although verse is preferred by e-mail, snail mail is also accepted.

To learn more, go to:

Oatmeal Studios

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