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MADLYJUICY is looking for 8 freelance journalists with relevant writing and editing experience to join their team. This position is ideal for creative individuals, with an editorial background, strong interest in the Millennials' lifestyle, and social media followers.

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Familiarity with the topic is key as they have an audience who's curious, concerned about the last trends and evolves quickly.

TWO Fashion Journalist for Womenswear
TWO Fashion Journalist for Menswear
TWO Lifestyle & Wellness Journalist
TWO Career & finance Journalist

Please check the online magazine to know what they are looking for.


Pitch ideas of articles
Do research, interviews and write
Post your articles

Experience working with digital audiences; writing for blogs or online magazines is a plus
Bachelor's degree in related field such as journalism, marketing, public relations, English, or communications
Extensive knowledge of the Millennials' lifestyle
Excellent creative writing and editing skills
Strong time management skills with the ability to plan, organize, prioritize & respond to changes quickly
Excellent written & verbal communication skills with engaging presentation skills

1/Email your resume, cover letter, writing samples and social media links.
2/Specify for which category you wish to collaborate by order of preference.
3/Answer to this: What are, according to you, the subjects Millennials worry the most about when it comes to the category you picked (fashion OR lifestyle&wellness OR Career & Finance)?

Each article is paid $20 $0.02 extra per visit (during a year) Example: If you published an article and got 4000 visits, you'll get paid $20 $80 = $100. The more who visit you within a year, the more you get. The deadline is Jan. 28, 2017

Email your applications to:

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