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NewsFundr is an entirely new way to find and deliver the news...just like the website says.

Would you like to choose your own beat and assign your own stories, free from the influence of editors and advertisers?


Journalists are funded entirely through direct subscriptions from readers. People subscribe only to the journalists that they choose, enabling independent news on any town or topic...any journalist...anywhere.

The instructions are:

Choose your beat
Publish one thoughtful and well-researched story daily, Monday through Friday

Get paid via Stripe.

The requirements:

Experience and ethical journalists with a deep commitment to producing fair and meaningful news
Superb research skills
A minimum three (3) years experience (out-of-work for a while? Don't worry)

Do you have what it takes? APPLY.

The only problem is see is the three (3) years of experience required. Maybe you could work something out if you do not have the exact amount of experience. What could it hurt to ask?

Good luck!

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