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5 Best Things aims to bring readers the best from around the internet with content such as coupons, recipes, electronics, software and more, such as business/jobs, romance, beauty, health and mobile apps.

Who can they use?

do you specialize in one of the above niches?
are you a master at SEO (activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings) and other keywords?
do you have impeccable writing skills?
can you write a story or a comprehensive listicle in 1,000 to 2,000 words?
can yo pitch something unique, engaging and can self-edit within a short time?
can you handle criticism and make needed changes?
do you avoid plagiarism?


What this amounts to is:

make an engaging intro of about 150 /- words, 5 key points and lots of stuff in-between in a conversational tone packed with SEO.

To submit news, include:

"News" in the article subject and fill out the FORM at the bottom of the WRITE FOR US page.

To submit lists, articles and tips, include:

include high-quality and accurate research. 1 guest post required. Guest posts are un-paid where you share advice that will help people get things done more efficiently and effectively.

For technology reviews, include:

expert, up-to-date knowledge about the topic and/or products.

Apply with your inquiry, writing samples, author bio and links to social media, again by filling out the FORM at the bottom of the WRITE FOR US page.

Good luck!

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