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TwoPlusTwo Magazine

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
Self-Taught Cook. Fitness Enthusiast. Frugal Gal. Loves Her Family.
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The Two Plus Two Internet Magazine accepts articles on any topic related to poker or gambling. They seek certain types of articles more than others.

cards and dice
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High priority topics are:
•Intermediate to advanced level discussions of poker strategy. This can be about any form of poker, cash game or tournament. These usually take the form of a hand analysis, but don't necessarily have to.
•Discussions of mathematics related to poker or gambling. This means discussions you usually don't see in beginner or intermediate poker texts like game theory or statistics. They are less interested in a new mental trick to calculate probabilities or bankroll requirements.
•Articles relating a poker or gambling concept to a similar concept in a different field.
•Interviews with or biographies of "off the beaten track" poker personalities. That is, not the latest tournament star, not the same player who has been profiled everywhere else. Someone they may never have heard of who has an interesting story to tell.

Low priority topics are:
•Beginner to advanced beginner level discussions of poker strategy. Usually these are restatements of concepts you could find in most strategy books.
•Personal stories about how you became a pro or others that could be described as "what works for you."
•Tournament coverage. They don not want a blow-by-blow of the latest big money tournament.

As a general rule, if you've never seen an article similar to the one you want to write, it's going to be more desirable than one you've seen written before.

Submit articles as text in an email or as a Microsoft Word attachment to magazine@twoplustwo.com with a copy to the editor, Bryan Clark via:


Articles should be about 1,000-2,000 words. If you'd like to discuss a topic that requires much more space, please email your idea to magazine@twoplustwo.com with a copy to the editor, Bryan Clark before starting work on it. Long articles will be broken down into a series of shorter articles appearing in consecutive months, and you'll need prior approval to make that happen

The Two Plus Two Internet Magazine is a magazine, not an extension of the forum. Articles should be written in standard, written English. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be all correct. They have an editor to fix a few modest problems, but articles with significant problems may be rejected for that reason alone. Furthermore, please avoid excessive forum references. Do not use forum acronyms (e.g., SSH, UTG, MHIG, VPIP, etc.). Do not refer to forum posts without providing a link. And please use real names rather than forum handles when referring to people whenever possible.

If your article is intended to teach the reader something, please ensure that it is well-organized and provides at least one or two concrete examples illustrating your concept. Vague or disorganized treatises are no use to anyone. Here's a reasonable template for an article intended to teach a strategic concept:
1.Intro. One paragraph intended to grab the readers attention and introduce a "theme" for the article.
2.Thesis. Introduce the concept you are trying to teach and explain why the reader should want to learn it.
3.Example. Provide an example demonstrating how learning the concept allows the reader to correct errors he/she might be making routinely.
4.Exceptions. If there are any exceptions or disclaimers, place them here, NOT in the last paragraph.
5.Conclusion. Tie up the article. Restate the thesis, then refer to the "theme" introduced in the intro. Finish on a high note.

Obviously, any articles you submit must be written entirely by you, and you must own 100% rights to the piece. Also, if you submit material that either has been published before or will be published elsewhere in the future, you must disclose that fact with details of when and where it was or will be published when you submit it. Preference will be given to original, never-before-published material over recycled or excerpt material. If you violate any of these policies, your work may be removed or rejected at any time, and you will not be paid.

If accepted, they will pay a fee of $200 (per article) by the end of the month after the article appears on www.twoplustwo.com. All articles will remain up on the site for a period of six months, after which they will take them down, and all rights are then returned to the authors. They will use the articles for no other purposes without permission from the authors.

Payment will typically be made by the end of the calendar month in which the article appears.

Finally, the submission/acceptance/publishing process can take a while. Please expect to wait up to two weeks after you submit your article to magazine@twoplustwo.com with a copy to the editor, Bryan Clark before you hear back about whether they can use it or not. After an article is accepted, it typically will be another three months or so before it appears in the magazine. They thank you for your patience.

This job seems to be very technical, but if you are good at poker/gambling and writing, you should be a success!

To see the guidelines on the site yourself, go to:

TwoPlusTwo Guidelines

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